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The beauty of boarding your horse at a boarding stable is that you get to meet so many
people who are very active with their passion - horses!!! People just like you! As a result,
everyone has a lot of friends, a lot of fun, and we all share our love for the horse -
together. When you backyard your horse you have to go out of your way to locate friends
and fun.

But there are a lot more reasons why people to choose
to board over backyard. We will look at both sides:

You have a million eyes watching and caring about your horse.
You don't have to worry about who is going to feed when you are late.
What happens when you go on vacation?
You have many people all offering to help you get your sick horse to the Vet.
You can go home from work and not to the barn.
You can rest and relax out at the barn!

You don't have to worry about grass growing in your riding areas.
You don't have to clean stalls, wash racks, grooming areas etc.
You don't have to push your wheel barrow full of poody through the mud and over to the poody pile.
You can pick your stall if you want, but you know you don't have to do it, if you don't want too.
You don't have to go pick up feed and unload the 50 pound bags every week.
You don't have to unload all the hay.
You don't have to haul in the shavings.
You don't have to wheel barrow and shovel the shavings.
You don't have to drag your arena and round pen every day.
You don't have to crawl up above the rafters and fill up your fly spray system.
You don't have to empty the trash and clean the poody pile.
You don't have to fix the broken waterer.
You don't have to constantly fix the fence.
You don't have to fix the broken water trough.
You don't have to fix the clogged fly spray heads.
When you have your horse at home you have to load up in order to merely take a lesson - its tiring after a while.

You can actually find the time to ride!
You don't have to worry about when you are going to be able "to find the time" to go get the feed and hay.
You don't have to take the time to go get the feed and hay.
You have time to take a riding lesson.

You can count on having riding friends no matter what discipline you choose.
All you have to do is go out and have fun. No worries!
Going to Horse Events in groups is so much fun.
"Someone" at the barn will know about the local Events going on.
Lots of people to plan cool horse outings.
You don't have to drag your spouse out in order to have a fellow enthusiast.

At some stables, like Callegari, you are very fortunate to have direct access to a lot of very talented professional
trainers. So the knowledge base is not limited to just books or trailering to clinics.
At some stables, like Callegari, you have access to a multitude of Farriers.
At some stables, like Callegari, you have access to a multitude of Veterinarians.
At some stables, like Callegari, you have access to a multitude of Massage Therapists and Chiropractors.

Unfortunately, life is not all about fun. There is an amount of work to do no matter what activity you choose to get
involved in.  But there are just some simple facts that you need to acknowledge before you seriously think
about back-yarding.

You will find that you do not have the time to ride because you are always working for your horse.
All of the jobs and responsibilities listed above suddenly become yours!
You HAVE TO make sure the horse is fed and taken care of - you cannot "put it off".
The work load starts to take a huge amount of physical effort.
If you are 40+ you may want to reconsider back-yarding unless you HIRE HELP!
Many of us older folks injure ourselves trying to ...

And the excuse or justification that I hear the most often, and which I would like to quote here, is ....- "I just love
looking at them running around out there. They are so beautiful. Sure they are "pasture ornaments" but they are
so pretty".

Horses don't want to work by nature so they find things to keep you busy!

Do not think that your children are going to be the stable cleaners and groomers?  It's a fallacy!
Your children will start to view that animal in the same manner as they do their dog - work and boring.
They will lose interest in the horse unless you schedule activities.
If you want them to continue training and learning you will either have to:
a. find a trainer who will come to your house
b. trailer out for lessons
If you plan on showing to any high level you most likely will be asked to board your horse at a training barn

Unfortunately once you have a place, you become an outlet for people in which to offload their spare or
un-rideable horse.  Your backyard becomes another SPCA lot. At first most back-yarders see this as a plus. They
think that they are getting free horses or companions for their own horse. But before you know it your bills rise
significantly and you realize you have went from one horse to five! Further, the horse that was supposed to be
"no trouble" keeps knocking down your fences and fighting with everyone. In addition, you inherited a horse
name should have been "money pit".

And yes you feel sorry for these horses. But then after a while it hits you! You realize that your friend has gone
out and bought another "use-able" horse and stuck you with their old bill.

So be wise. You need to resist the temptation or soon you will be "horse poor". That is the horse industries
word for the big fat trap that you have fallen into.
The Pros and Cons of Boarding over Backyarding
Houston - Cypress, Texas
What it is to:

Boarding - Its ALL PLAY and NO WORK !

Your horse becomes your employer! He no longer works for you!!

Don't let your friends turn your home into the SPCA! Soon you will be "horse poor".