We at Callegari are quite pleased with our facilities, including our stables, amenities, and workers.
    As you tour the property and you will notice everyone hanging together and having a great time!
    And that is the essence of Callegari - great facilities and great people.

    The facility consists of four barns.  The Lesson barn is at the entrance to the property and you pass it on your
    right as you enter. Directly in front of you is the Front barn, which is the largest on the property, and is located
    next to the covered arena. If you pass the Front barn you will see a big stable behind it. This is the Back barn
    and it is behind the exerciser.  The Clinic barn is off to the side next to the covered round pen and covered
    training ring. The facility is a big one! We are the biggest in Houston.

    All of our stalls are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel walls with concrete foundation. We do routine spring cleaning of all walls,
    however with Barnmaster flat walls, they do not tend to collect the spiders, in the grooves, like wood does. Further, they have just the amount of
    give needed to be forgiving of broken bones from kicks, unlike concrete or brick walls. But yet they are strong enough not to break and hurt a
    leg. Many of our barns have a radiant barrier roofing system that keeps them cool in the summer and toasty in the winter!

The Stallion barn is where we house our stallions that are visiting for training. These stalls are 12' x 16'. It also houses the living quarters where the
on-site grooms reside. Their apartments face out onto the entry driveway so that they can keep an eye on whoever is coming and going on the

The Front barn is the largest barn and it greats you as you drive into the facility.  The front barn houses 45 stalls of 6 different kinds.
  • The first type is a true 12' x 12' stall facing the arena. The back wall of these stalls contains a window overlooking the Covered Arena which can
    be closed to the elements during inclement weather.  
  • The second type of stall is identical except that the back wall contains another sliding door, in place of a window, that can be opened to a
    small attached run. The runs 12' x 24' and are lined with metal fencing containing a gate at the end for access from outside of the stable. The
    sliding door that leads to the run is a split door, which allows the door to be closed with a window opening for horses that have to be
    temporarily stall bound.
  • The third type is a normal stall that has a small barred window to an adjacent stall so that each horse can see his neighbor.
  • For those that prefer it, their is a fourth type of stall, called a training stall, which is located at the end of each row.
           These stalls do not include buddies bars.
  • There are 5 covered outside stalls attached to the side of the Front barn.  
  • Two of the arena stalls have observation stalls with small windows for pregnant mares close to term.
           One is adjacent to the lounge, where the window can be accessed. The window of the other can be
           accessed in the adjacent office.

The Front barn amenities include:
  • Two grooming stalls.
  • Additional cross ties in the aisles.
  • Four adjacent concrete and matted wash stations with hot and cold water.
  • Large individual tack closets - one per boarded horse.
  • An automatic fly spray system throughout.
  • A vet chute.
  • Men's and Ladies' rest rooms.
  • The office.
  • An air conditioned lounge, that has large windows facing the covered arena, and that contains cameras,
           vending machines, a television, a phone, tables, chairs and sofas.
  • Upstairs deck with chairs and tables.
  • Many fans.
  • White boards where boarders can leave messages for one another.
  • And clips on each tack locker for communication.

The Back barn is similar, has the exact same options, but contains 32 stalls. Once again there are various stall choices to suit your
particular needs. This Barn does not have bathrooms though. But this barn was constructed, to be different, with an open air
concept for better breeze through, unlike the Front barn which can totally close all its walls.  

  • A large covered and lighted, regulation-sized arena.
  • An outdoor 100' x 200' lighted arena.
  • There are jumps, trial obstacles, poles and barrels, that can be set up to run specific routines.
  • A very large Hunt field, that is grassy, and has many jumps.
  • A lighted German exerciser (special hot walker that is the safest walker on the market).
  • A covered lighted round pen.
  • A covered lighted training round ring.
  • Covered breezeways, and concrete foot paths.
  • The property is dotted with numerous and expansive wooded turnout paddocks. Horses may either go out during the day, from after breakfast
    until before dinner, or at night, from after dinner until before breakfast. If you prefer, your horse may forego turnout all together.
  • There are 6 pasture board spots that are offered.
  • There are large parking areas by all barns.
  • All roads have not been cemented or asphalted and so you can ride on them it's more maintenance but it is worth it!).
  • Security cameras.
  • A covered feed shed.
  • A covered shavings shed.
  • Ample acreage for on-site trailer storage.
  • Tables and chairs throughout the property for social gatherings.
  • And excellent surrounding trails, of which we have only GPS about 30 miles worth.
  • Each boarder determines his or her horse's diet, including amount and type of feed, with 6 different types of Nutrena
           feed to choose from.
  • We feed Timothy hay and also offer alfalfa for an additional charge.
  • Lighted bridle paths for after hours rides around the property.
  • A beautiful County park directly touching our land. Great for grazing or taking youngsters on a "trail ride".

Callegari has achieved its original vision for the facilities and we are so proud of what we have. Although future growth will be more limited than it has
been in the past, there are a few development projects currently in the works. It seems like we are always doing something to make the facility better!
  • A natural deck to overlook the outdoor arena.
  • A wooden deck that overlooks the Outdoor arena, the round pen, and the training ring.
  • more cement foot paths because they are so cool!
  • the 10 stall clinic barn to be used for Clinics, Shows and Events.                    WE HAVE COMPLETED THIS BARN AS OF 2007!
  • Development of the slough area down near the creek into something pretty.
  • Development of another outdoor arena.                                                                 THIS IS OUR NEW DRESSAGE ARENA!
  • Finishing more security cameras.
  • Development of a cross country course.

  • We like to have Boarders Meetings.
  • Trail rides in groups to places (goals), like Willies, for lunch.
  • Fun shows where we all practice our stuff.
  • BBQs and hang out after work.
  • Ladies night out.
  • Camping at the barn.
  • Spend the night to foal watch.
  • Parties.
  • Attending events together.
  • Going to Pine Hill.
  • Going to Lake Conroe.
Individual Tack Closets

Two Air Conditioned Lounges
A Nice Indoor Meeting Deck

Numerous Saddle Areas of Different Types
Numerous Styles of Wash Racks
Hot Water in the Wash Racks

Automatic Fly Spray Systems Throughout
Automatic Water in All Stalls
Real Bathrooms!
Only Barnmaster - The Safest Product
All Day or All Night Turnout
Houston's FUN Boarding Facility
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