We at Callegari appreciate the beauty that is Horse. We admire and realize that every breed of equine is special for its own redeeming
    qualities.  We are intelligent enough to admit that certain breeds have been custom tailored to excel at certain things. We enjoy being able
    to create our little group of Cale babies that represent what we believe in.

    It is extremely rewarding to research, plan and calculate bloodlines and phenotypes, in order to produce a foal that fits a vision.
    Further, it is even more special to be able to work with that baby and watch it grow into a charming friend. We have enjoyed doing all of
    the training on our horses. Even the breaking. So it is extremely important to us to try and produce a horse that is easy enough for an
    amateur to work with. A good disposition is everything. When competing alongside of the professionals our hearts race as we place
    above them.   

    We believe strongly in the good that is achieved when amateurs compete on the class A circuit against the Professionals. It helps to keep a
    certain degree of honesty in the show ring. Amateur competitors are growing in number and as a whole have become a powerful Nation
    wide voice that is adept at keeping checks and balances in place.  We are unforgiving of past abuses and ill conceived fads.

    There is nothing finer than to be able to take your buddy from riding in the State forest on weekend, to competing
    successfully at a class A show the next.  It just goes to prove that a horse does not have to be caged in order to
    win. A good horse should be able to have the intelligence needed to handle changing situations and jobs.

    We expect our Arabians to be able to do many things just like a good Arabian should!


    It is absolutely true that we have a passion for the rare and exotic. However, nothing is more important than
    function. This is because we ride our horses alongside all breeds of Horse. So we expect more out of our
    Arabians than many other folks. We need our mounts to be as smart, gentle and willing as any other.
    However, we never overlook form - because good form begets superior function.

    When you add this all together you get the ultimate horse! ... Yes we want to drive a nice car but it doesn't
    hurt when it can look like a Ferrari!


    We have brood mares of superior and exotic bloodlines in our band. They carry Straight Egyptian, Egyptian-Turfa, and Crane elements.
    These mares breed, show, and pleasure ride. In addition, most of the mares stay leased out to riders in order to stay fit. So they are either
    producing another beauty or making a non-horse owner very happy. This also proves their great dispositions and capabilities.    

                                                                   Our stallions have dam lines that produce foals with unmistakable ears, eyes and tail carriage.
                                                                   Yet to look at their bodies is to view a well balanced athlete with an impeccable hip and croup.
                                                                   What an added bonus that they can move as well! A total package!!
                                                                   These stallions are Next Generation. That means that they have characteristics which we believe are
                                                                   better than the ones that have gone before them. Plus their foundations are so strong it is almost
                                                                   guaranteed what they will produce for us.


    So, was breeding just another great individual enough for Callegari? No! We
    needed something more. We needed something special. We needed to feel
    like we were truly doing something amazing. So we looked for something rare.

    Callegari is extremely proud to own some of the last surviving blood which
    carries the genetics of the Crane Importation. As Software Engineers we realize
    how important genetic diversity is, for the continued propensity of the breed, as
    an athletic sport horse. We were very fortunate to receive 2 gorgeous fillies out
    of Favaras Sabrina to help spread the wealth!

    True treasures. Truly amazing. Truly special.
Our Breeding Philosophy                   
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