Join in on the fun at The Club!
Useful information:
Close to town so you can ride and see your
           horse often
We love all breeds
We encourage diversity of disciplines
Direct access to miles of trails
Blanketing/turnout included
Superior Nutrena Feeds
Special Timothy Hay
Lots of trainers of various skill sets

Opened every day
Cy-Fair, Klein, Spring Branch Off Campus PE

Release of Liability in Word format
Downloadable Price List in Word format


Basic boarding includes: cleaning your horse's stall, turning your horse outside and feeding
your horse. If you would like any other services, you have two options: you can price them
separately (as listed below) or let us take control of your horse's care (rates listed on the
Conditioning and Training options page). We are very competitively priced for full training.


Please note: we do not
turn out
stallions. Do this
yourself or choose a
service option or a
training program.

525.00 / month
595.00 / month

385.00 / month

Market Price / month
Market Price / month
30.00 / month

35.00 / month
20.00 / month
30.00 / month
35.00 / month

30.00 / month

50.00 / horse
$1.50 / mile

Full board (includes: feed, hay, water, turnout, blanketing, tack locker, running of your fan):
•        12 x 12                                                           
•        12 x 12 with run                                             

Outside stall boarding is available only for customers with a full board horse.
Outside stall board (feed, hay, turnout, blanketing):      

•        Alfalfa fed once a day                                             
•        Alfalfa fed twice a day                                                
•        Trailer storage  

•        Horse put on Walker in addition to normal turnout                
•        Horse put on Walker and not turned out                          
•        Water bucket hung in stall and maintained                      
•        Horse’s boots put on for turnout and removed

•        Second fan or light                                                                                         
•        Holding of horse for any reason

•        Late fee after the 10th of the month                               
•        Non-sufficient check fee                                                                          
•        Trailer hauling by Callegari                                        

•        A non-refundable deposit, which is the amount of your first months stall rent, is required upon move in.
       This deposit will be deducted from your last month's rent upon receiving a 30 day advance written move
       out notice.
•        We do not pro-rate any of our services. You pay per month.
•        Our workers are not groomers or trainers. Please do not assume any duties other than the feeding of
       your horse, the cleaning of it's surroundings, and the turning of it out to pasture either during the day
•        Our workers only do light duty on the weekends and are limited.
•        Night time horses are not brought inside in the event of rain. The guys perform a nightly spot check and
       then go to bed.  


1.        Partial (split time with others via calendar)                                                   
2.        Full (like owning your own horse)  There are no hidden costs.  No medical expenses.  Comes with tack
         to use.            
3.        Occasionally boarders will advertise for a leaser. This business is not affiliated with Callegari
         Equestrian. Please contact the boarders directly for their pricing.

$265.00 / month
$525.00 / month
When you board it's all fun and no work!