“Eduardo and Candace
have a great passion for
all horses but really
enjoy their beloved
The Scoop!

1. CALLEGARI EQUESTRIAN CLUB is Houston's premier equestrian facility to board or ride at. Nestled
amongst towering trees, the CLUB sits on the banks of Big Cypress Creek. Due to this, the trail access is
phenomenal, and weekly 15 mile rides, for lunch and back, are common! The 90 stall boarding facility, The
Club, is one of the premier Equestrian stables in Houston. Constructed with only the highest quality, and
safest equine products available, it is a beautiful and pleasurable place to unwind after work. Many families
find it a great place to hang out and bring their children. All ages and all breeds, call Callegari Equestrian
Club home.

It is really a different type of boarding facility in
that we try to foster a family atmosphere. What
that means is that we try to encourage all
boarders to get along and take care of each others
horses. Many boarders have met friends for life
at the Club.

The Club is a large apartment complex for horses. We
do not discriminate against any breed or type of riding.
It is in the contract that no one is allowed to talk badly
of any breed or discipline! Everyone looks after each
and they become one big family.

Not only is it a great place to hang but the amenities
are numerous! We are very hands off in our approach
taken with the horses. This helps to keep the costs
down and encourages boarder participation. We pride
ourselves on being a top of the line facility
but at an affordable price.

2. CALLEGARI ARABIANS is located at the Callegari's personal residence. Occasionally we all
will see a Callegari Arabian make a visit to the Club. Callegari selects only the best for their
program. They prefer to breed versatile, Al Khamsa, Arabians with great dispositions and
athletic abilities. This is because they have to! Their stock is scrutinized daily by owners and
riders of all breeds of Horse. "We feel honored to say that our Arabians have been awesome,
well mannered, ambassadors for the breed. We ride proudly along side all other breeds,
whether it is for something like an Open All Breed Horse Show, or something like the famous
Salt Grass Trail ride." (Candace Callegari)  Which is primarily 1000 Quarter horses!

Callegari can say without hesitation that we have made many converts to the Arabian breed with
our phenomenal Al Khamsa desert breeds!!

Callegari has
brood mares of superior bloodlines in their band. They carry Straight Egyptian,
Egyptian-Turfa, and Crane elements. These mares breed, show, and pleasure ride. In addition,
most of the mares stay leased out to riders in order to stay fit. So they are either producing
another beauty or making a "non-horse owner" very happy.         

Callegari owns a phenomenal and exotic stallion
Calé Thee Xtreme. Word spread quickly about Xtreme
because he did so well at the 2003 Egyptian Event as a mere unknown youngster. Afterward they made the
decision to send him overseas for a visit, but he is back home now, and making his mares happy once
again. Callegari offers cooled semen and has frozen semen available in the United States and Munich.

Callegari is also extremely proud to own some of the rarest blood of the
Crane Importation. "As Software
Engineers we realize how important genetic diversity is, for the continued propensity of the breed, and as an
athletic sport horse." Eduardo Callegari


If you are interested in joining the best boarding facility in Houston, or would like to own a superior riding
horse, or are interested in breeding your mare to Thee Xtreme, do not hesitate to call! Callegari routinely
has stock for sale at any given time. Boarders routinely have horses for sale and we try to help them
whenever possible. In addition, boarders have horses available for partial leases. Which is an excellent
way to be able to have horse fun without all the expense.    

People who board at the Equestrian facility
are looking for camaraderie and to have fun with
other equine enthusiasts. Horses are much more
fun if they can be enjoyed in social settings.

Are you tired of seeing your horse just sitting in your
backyard? Not too much fun right? All work and
no play? Well come join the Club! You do not have
to board with us to be part of the family.
Houston - Cypress, Texas
What is:
Eduardo & Candace
with Zarif and Dati,
the original two and the
reason for it all.
Great Fun !
Horses should be
about fun! Why have
them if you do not get
a chance to enjoy
A family visit to
Lake Conroe -
National Forest for
"Horse Skiing"
CALLEGARI EQUINE TECHNOLOGIES is located in Cypress, Texas which is just a short drive northwest of Houston. Equine
Technologies consists of
2 different entities, the boarding facility, Callegari Equestrian Club, and the breeding operation, Callegari
Both Eduardo and Candace are Software Engineers and specialize in the massive software package SAP. "So we like to call
Equestrian activities our stress relief and we like to call our horses our pals!"
Great Horses !
Riding Zarif with all the big
guys from Houston on the Salt
Grass Trail Ride
Our horses get
practice on the
banks of the Big
Barn Manager:
Earlene Lorts

Office: (281) 304-7332