We sell the best Vinyl Fencing on the market today.
Callegari has used many types of fencing over the years. So we
speak from experience when we say that the best value for the
money is without a doubt vinyl fencing. It is easy to maintain,
replace, move and install.
D'Antonucci Custom Artwork and Trophy
pieces. For only the best Horse Shows.
Products offered with Callegari Expertise. Learn from our mistakes!
Tired of seeing the same old type of equestrian
pieces. Well take a look at this special type of
artwork. Truly beautiful, truly unique and truly special.
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Come buy some of the really cool Callegari TShirts.
they can be purchased here!
Callegari produces some fabulous TShirts, sweatshirts and tank
tops. We have beautiful and creative designs that feature our
logo, our stallion Xtreme and / or our horses. Check out our
great designs!
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Let our vast experience guide you:
Arena design
What products do I use
We move used buildings
We love Radiant Barrier
Roofing! It made an
incredible difference in
our barns!!
This product made an
incredible difference in the
amount of heat that was
trapped in our barn. We had
tried everything. We even built
an additional 32 stall stable
with an entirely different design.
But this product saved our 40
stall stable and actually made it
better than the new 32 stall
barn. You got to have this in the
We pour cement stable foundations, wash racks,
and grooming stalls for various stable companies.
Feel free to call us if you need a quote on your stable
foundation or road way. We can help with your design and
offer you good advice on what we have found that works and
what does not. We have poured for Barn Master and MD Barns.
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Equestrian Facility, Stable, Design and Consulting.
Let us help you to make the right decisions and choose the
right stable design for your needs. Don't guess! Mistakes like
these are hard to live with and very costly. Protect your
investment and talk to the best!

We have built a bunch of different types of barns. Some things
that you would do in a private environment do not work in a
Public one. And vice versa. So make sure you explore all
We sell Nutrena Feeds.
We sell yummy Hay.
We have seen a big reduction
in collick with SafeChoice.
And we like the built in
Vitamin packs so supplements
are not needed.
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In order to combat high prices
we had to start bringing hay in
from the North.
Yes - real Timothy!
2 Horse or 6 Horse trailer
Easy to pull, light and airy,
very open, nice trailers for
rent. The 2H is a Bumper pull
and the 6H is a slant load
Goose neck.
We offer Rubber Floor mats and tiles for your
special equestrian needs.
We offer rubber flooring tiles in various styles.
Currently we have the style pictured to the left and
also square tiles. These tiles come in a red, green
and black. We also offer the larger popular stall mats
most often seen at outlets like tractor supply.