Callegari Cement Company
If you have a concrete job we can probably do it for you!

So feel free to call us if you need a quote on your stable
foundation, wash area, patio, sidewalk or road way.
can help with your design and offer you good advice

on what we have found that works best and what does not.

We are currently pouring foundations for both Barn Master
and MD Barns.

Save money by coming to us first instead of wrapping the
concrete into your job! All we need are your specifications
and then we will ask you for your "preferences". Our Q&A is
exactly like what they will ask. For example, you are building
a wash area, would you like the concrete slanted at an
angle to a drain? And if so would you prefer to have it
elevated for drain off or lowered and surrounded by
concrete for drain off.

There are many ways to do things so it helps to ask actual
users such as ourselves. At our facility alone we have 8
different types of wash racks.

                            CALL US TODAY!