There are several different types:

Close ups of some of the
various colors. They can
be made to display
different sayings. But all
come signed by the


"I can only do a limited number of special pieces a year. I do not mass produce my works and each one is special
to me. I am sure that your piece will be special to you".

Are you looking for something special and different for your home? Different than
what everyone else has? Tired of seeing the same old paintings everywhere else?
Wouldn't it be nice to know that your money was spent for something truly unique
and special?

If you are the type of person who cares how you spend your money then please call me today.

Gorgeous custom "made to order" pieces of art
Houston - Cypress, Texas
Have you seen the custom
creations of:
D'Anntonucci Art
1. Trophies:

They can be made as rider awards and
trophies for Horse Shows ! .... For a
unique prize worthy of effort and skill.  

Reward your riders! Keep them coming
3 x 3 tiles containing various matellalic
colors that are popular today.
2. Pieces of Art:

These resemble the smaller sized
pieces shown above. But come on
various media such as slate and granite.
They are typically larger in size and

Great for gifts!

Perfect for mantels over fireplaces or
special accent walls in fabulous homes.
3. Custom Portraits:

Personalized portraits of your
special horse stylized by the
Artist in the same unique
manner and medium known for.

For sale to the discriminating
buyer at commissioned pricing.
Congratulations on their purchase  
of a lovely portrait of their special