Jerdon Saabella

A beautiful broadmare:

  • A Tammen daughter - known for producing great foals
  • Breaks level at trot!
  • Long neck
  • Really big black eyes
  • Substantial feet and bone
  • Pretty face
  • 449349 1990 mare, SE, AK, Asil, BL

We are keeping any mares that can be ridden, and thus used
in our lesson program, and shown with the riders. We bought
this mare to ride Hunter Pleasure on. However, this mare later
had an injury and has not be rode since. She will occasionally
be off. It is rare but we do see it sometimes.

This is an older mare that can help you start your breeding
program and put down some excellent stock. She is priced
reasonably to sell or for lease.

This mare has some unique blood of Hana in her. She has no
Minstril blood.

She is very healthy and a great mommy. She even accepted an
orphan foal to nurse.


fotos taken in fall of 2007 with Monster X