Scheduling Guided Trail Rides at the Club
Have fun with us for:
Close to town so that you and your friends can easily
attend the facility
Good trail horses

Country in the City feeling
Riding along the banks of the Big Cypress Creek
Over 30 miles worth of trails GPSd

Don't get lost!

Release of Liability


$50.00 / hour

Sorry but there are no group
discounts when we do trail

If you take a normally
scheduled group lesson, and
go out on the trail instead,
then your fee is only $35.00.

If you want to ride longer
than an hour you need to let
us know.
We give beautiful guided trail rides along the Big Cypress Creek.  Sorry but
we do not let folks go out alone unless they are doing a monthly lease with
us.  This ensures that we know, that they know how to ride!  We will take a
maximum of 3 riders out at a time.

You must call and book your trail ride ahead of time as we must schedule a
coach or trainer which can take you out. Not every coach or trainer can trail
ride.  And it also takes a good trail horse to hit the Creek.

If you take lessons at the barn and want to do a trail ride as "your lesson" just
let us know. If your trainer cannot take you out, call Earlene, and she will
arrange for one that can.

We have some awesome Coaches that love to trail ride and would just
love to take you along with them. Check out
our Coaches and you will see
why they are so much fun.


In order to book trail riding at The Club, e-mail: .  
Include your name, phone number and the date of the trail ride you are
desiring or you may also call the office at 281.304.7332.

All riders should wear long pants and solid shoes with heels. All riders under
the age of 14 must wear a helmet.  A release must be filled out before anyone
rides. A Parent or guardian can fill one out for a minor. Release Form in Word
The Creek is boss!
Barn Manager:
Earlene Lorts
281.304.7332 Off:
(281) 304-7332