Memories of Egyptian Events
Houston - Cypress, Texas
What is the :
Egyptian Event!
Every year there is a National horse show which spot lights Egyptian and Egyptian Related
horses. It is held each June in Lexington Kentucky and it is a blast to attend or spectate.
Callegari Arabians loves to go and spectate or display their lovely stallions, their progeny, and
any client's horses.
Even little ones
love to come!
When Callegari takes their horses to Kentucky they send them with
other training barns or they hire handlers to help display their horses
while there. This is because Callegari Equestrian is not a training barn.
But due to the large number of Callegari Riders who Board and Show
out of the facility Callegari has all equipment to set a beautiful stall row.

Occasionally Callegari Arabians will put a group together to go to the
Event. The last time Callegari took horses to the Event was in '09. They
hired 2 trainers to help with their horses.  Everyone had an outstanding
time and they successfully sold the gorgeous Xtreme daughter,
Xquisite, while at the Show.

Callegari is known for always setting up a
beautiful stall area. So it is a real treat if
you are able to go to the Shows with them.

Lots of people come to visit them
and enjoy in the festivities.

They usually present some gorgeous
one of a kind artwork created by
Candace's sister
Deborah Quinn.

Candace creates the living art and
Deborah creates paintings in their
See the archive link for all the groups shots and
good times.