Upcoming Callegari Arabian Shows and Events
Houston - Cypress, Texas
Whats on the:
Callegari Arabians have not shown their horses since mid 2009 when they had hired 2 different trainers. Their last
Show with their horses was the Egyptian Event 09 in Lexington Kentucky. They love to help individuals, and teams,
from their Boarding Center, to go to Events though. And they will fly their colors for these boarders/teams, if desired,
in an effort to support the Spirit of their Boarding Facility. So by-standers always see "Callegari" going to various
different Shows although it may not actually be Callegari Arabians.

Callegari Equestrian has some lesson horses that Trainers can pay to use if they do not have their own. This is what
makes the Equestrian Center so attractive to various Trainers who do not have lesson horses. If these horses end up
going to Shows then you will probably see the Callegaris come out to cheer those riders on.

When it comes to their private horses ... over the years Callegari Arabians has hired many outside Arabian Trainers
when they needed Show training or for a Show presence. Even though they owned a large Equestrian Facility, they
sourced talent from many Training Barns, and they kept their horses at those training facilities. This is because they
prefer to keep their own Equestrian Center as a "boarders barn". It has never been a training facility. But this is what
makes it so much fun! It is not owned by trainers. Nor has the Center employed Trainers. The Equestrian facility is
not a "satellite" for anyone. And the Callegaris private breeding horses are kept separate at their private residence.

The Equestrian facility was created as an "apartment complex for horses" in order to bring horse enthusiasts from all
walks of life together. And this "low maintenance approach" has always worked great at the facility because the
Callegaris travelled extensively for most of its existence. But on the weekends they could come home and relax with
other pleasure riding enthusiasts.

This is not to say that there are not any trainers there! On the contrary. If you build it they will come. A facility as
great as Callegari always attracts lots of trainers. But the Callegaris do not hire on a trainer. They let various
independent trainers come to the Club to provide services to the boarders and local residents.


The Callegari's have no events scheduled for their own private horses because they are busy with their young son
and their new business. They were #1 in the United States with their new business!

Please see the schedule for various
Boarding Center Events or Events that the various independent Trainers
have expressed an interest in attending.