Are you a kid at heart?
Can my little one:
Join in on the Fun!


Lessons for little ones or even older ones that are newbies, we call Hug and Groom sessions! Have you ever known a child
that is just dying to be around horses even from a very small age? Well we have! We have had three year olds that only have
one word in their vocabulary - horse! Maybe you were one of them but your now 60...


Parents call us and beg - will you please take my child?! Well if it will help create more horse
supporters, then we are in. As civilization grows, horses get pushed further and further out
and slowly they loose more and more supporters. These hug and groomers are "future
riders of America"!

So yes, we give lessons to little ones. They are laid back, fun, and enjoyable because the
munchkins get to pet, groom, learn, hear funny stories and ride. They usually ride on a lead
line in an enclosed ring. Yes we teach them centered riding. When they mature to the point
of going solo, they come off the line. But progress is different for every individual.


Yes, we have adults that call and say - "Please take me! You may think this is crazy but I have always wanted to ride a horse.
But I want to take it slow." Many adults do this because they are grown and have their own money. Financial stability is a good
thing! Many have had kids and they are grown and gone. Time to do something for yourself!

So yes, we give very basic lessons to Adults that are timid. They are laid back, fun, and enjoyable. Just like the munchkin
lessons. You start off slow and go at your own pace. Some people never get on their first couple lessons. You get to pet,
groom, learn, hear funny stories and ride. You will also usually ride on a lead line in the beginning in an enclosed ring. Yes we
teach all about centered riding. When you progress to the point of going solo, you come off the line. But progress is different
for every individual.  And let us know if we are too fast or too slow! Do not feel intimidated to speak up.


Since your child becomes part of the Club you will be privy to information known only to Club members.
For example, this last Christmas Santa came to visit Callegari! Santa came in via hay ride, stayed for a
few hours of photos and fun, and then had to get on his way. It was a blast!

We do
Birthday Parties for groups of children with advanced notice. Children just love this kind of thing!


Many times a normal trainer will teach the munchkins. But take it from experience many times professional
trainers do not do well with small children. Why? Because a serious strenuous trainer can ruin your child's
passion! That is why.  When we try to assign a trainer to your child we often will assign a Coach. What is a
Coach? Well take a look at
our Coaches and you will see what I mean.

I hate to say it but sometimes when a Coach substitutes for a real trainer, the student later asks to stay with the Coach!

Sometimes when people come from other barns to take a lesson they will call me and say "I have been missing out - I should
have been with a Coach!"

Each trainer or Coach can take yourself or your child to a certain level, and when you want to move on you just let us know. All
the trainers at the Stable expect that this could happen. So there are no hard feelings what so ever. Call us and let us know
anytime what your needs are, or if you have changed disciplines, or if you just do not click. We will take care of it.

Let your child experience the beauty that is Horse!

1. Heeled boots
2. Comfortable pants
3. Helmet not
necessary as we have
them or you can bring
4. Signed release of

WE NOW offer HALF HOUR LESSON RATES for CHILDREN 7 and under !       $25/half hour
Adult and child enjoy