The RIGHT STUFF! - The highly skilled Trainers at Callegari
Come meet:


We want pro-Callegari trainers. We do not want divided factions. So back in 2008 we adopted an approach similar to that of a
High School in that everyone at Callegari roots for one team! At any given time, there have always been, give or take, 10
Independent Contractor Trainers who visit the facility to provide services to the Clients. We are a large Boarding Barn with a
variety of different breeds/disciplines at the facility. So we must source instruction from multiple trainers. The nice thing about
this, besides continuing education, is that you have choices - options. Yet everyone has Team Spirit which eliminates rivalry.
We are all part of the Callegari Team.

These trainers are not our employees. They never have been! To fill their book some have to travel from barn to barn. So
yes, you may see them training at other facilities. But when they are at Callegari they all have SPIRIT for Callegari! They know
how important it is to have a great atmosphere. Back in 2005, Callegari actually hired a trainer. But we did not have enough
work, in one discipline, to make it profitable. So that ended shortly there after. The best approach has been to encourage a
large group of independents to come to the facility so we can make sure that better resources are available for everyone!

This is the same approach we have always taken with Farriers, Vets, or any other equine professional. We make no deals
with any one individual, and therefore you are at liberty to select whomever you want. These Trainers
set their own schedules
and teach in
the style and manner that they desire. The Club has rules for everyone. As long as these equine professionals
stay within the rules, and are good team players, they are welcome at the Club!

Callegari themselves have not shown their horses since mid 2009 when they hired 2 different trainers. Their last Show was
the Egyptian Event 09 in Lexington Kentucky. They love to help individuals and teams go to shows though. And they will fly
their colors for these boarders/teams, if desired, in an effort to support the Spirit of the Equestrian Facility.


The Callegari Program has about 10 Independent and Part-Time Trainers. They are extremely well versed and have great
accomplishments. We think they help make a great Callegari team! If showing is what you desire - they can take you to the
Top! Or they can help you to enjoy yourself and progress on an individual level. Some are more than happy to help problem
shoot your horse or teach you out in the field.    

We also have a set of Coaches that substitute or teach
Hug and Groom Sessions. Take it from experience many times
professional trainers do not do well with small kiddos. Why? Because a serious strenuous trainer can ruin your passion!
Check out
our Coaches and you will see why. And even still, some trainers do not want to teach young children.

We do not let anyone else train at our facility! For any trainer to do so is illegal and solicitation. You will not be bothered in our
barn! If there is an outside trainer you like, please let us know, and we will make it happen.

Hannahlara Langston

We have seen Hana riding way back when Callegari first started showing on the circuit. Her
background is such that she has rode under Connie Presnell's direction for years. Now
she rides Connie's clients' horses because Connie can no longer ride herself. Do not let
Hana's baby girl looks fool you! This married lady is older than she looks and can handle
some big power house style horses!!

Hana rides English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Saddle Seat, Park, Hunter Pleasure
and Western Pleasure. She may also have a few other tricks up her sleeve!

She trains horses and gives lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays out at the Club. She
gives beginner to advanced and has adult and youngster riders. She has some women
whose "sole goal" for riding was to be able to ride in the famous Salt Grass Trail ride held
once a year.  She helped these folks achieve their goals - Learn how to relax. And learn
how to make their mounts relax. They were very pleased.

Some of the Callegari Riding Club members
were excited to watch Hana take the Championship
in Country English Pleasure on March 12th 2008
at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
But we have seen her win many times!

Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith is a native Houstonian who grew up in the mid - "too long ago to mention" 70's -
showing at local schooling and rated shows with Dan and Burnis Foy.  After taking time off
for Texas A&M - she started showing again as an adult.  She was guided over the years by
Karen Bonney, Pam Hunt and Patricia Richard.  Tracy began teaching in 1997 and acquired
her own facility.  As the owner of Top Forty Farm she coached several riders to many Year
End Titles with local and state Hunter Jumper organizations.  

After getting out of her own barn, and acquiring opportunities to train and teach for other
barns, she says, that she has discovered her "niche" and loves "just teaching and riding
again".  In this manner, she gets to focus on the people she loves to be with and not the
issues which consume time unrelated to creating her next future Champions.

As a natural "organizer type of personality" she loves to set up fun days, horse shows, day
trips and summer camps.  A true believer in "everyone should have a chance to ride" - she
loves starting little kiddos and anyone else who is"young at heart" or who loves horses.  
Tracy enjoys a fun, family type, environment that encourages riders to also
become the "horse people" of tomorrow.  

Callegari thinks that Tracey fits right in at our Club because she has excellent credentials
and yet is laid back enough to have fun with horses. She enjoys all types of riding and that
is what Callegari is all about. But even more important Tracey is here to play on our team!


Karen McGowin is a lady whom we met last year when we needed to aquire a judge for our Fall Horse Show 2009.
She was referred by some good riders as a trainer who may be able to judge for us. After inquiring I found that her
background is extensive and so she fit right in. Anyone who has to judge one of our crazy Horse Shows needs to
be diverse. Just like Club Callegari! They also need to have a fun spirit and enjoy the entire horse kingdom. After
working with Karen the day of the Big Show we found that she would make a great fit at Callegari as a Trainer.

We had received numerous inquiries from our Boarders to have a high level Callegari Dressage resource available
at the Club. And we were pretty sure we had found the match.

Karen started riding at age 6 in the western disciplines up in Canada. Later she became involved in the English
disciplines with the famous Spruce Meadows Jumpers. But Karen's main passion is Dressage. She has been
involved in Dressage since 1987 when she purchased her first 2 Trakehners. She was extremely fortunate to
study under some of the great instructors, such as Stephen Peters, Betsy Steiner, and Jane Savoy, and display
her skills on Grand Prix level horses. She has trained and ridden numerous mounts to many Championships.

She likes to focus on training in the core fundamentals, which are needed to build upon, and create the skills to
excel at the higher level events. Let her school you to the higher level maneuvers. Karen currently trains at Grand
Oaks and will also be instructing for our Club!

more to come...