Lease mares are becoming a hot topic lately. Why is this a good idea?
    1. If you cannot afford to buy a mare that you want for breeding
    2. If you cannot buy the mare that you want because she is not for sale
    3. You do not have a special bloodline for your stud fee
    4. You do not own a mare but you bought a stud fee
    5. You do not want to invest in an older mare but want a direct daughter of a particular stallion
    6. You do not have a facility that will take awesome care of the mare you want

    How does this benefit the owner?
    1. Lease mares are good because they help large breeders keep their own numbers low by not breeding that year.
    2. However, some mares need to stay bred in order to continue to carry foals.
    3. And some mares just love their babies so much, that they will fight for a baby, if they do not have one that year.
    4. So this is a good deal for everyone concerned - including the mares.
    5. It helps us if you have a superstar too because more winners are good advertising.
    6. We may not have access to the stallion whom we would actually like to try on a particular mare.

    We have mares out of the most Champion producing bloodlines. Many of these bloodlines no longer have
    representation, or have very few representatives, here in the United States. So they are special indeed. Further, since
    we are riders, a good body and legs are a must for us. Yes, we love the extreme faces but a car is nothing without a
    good motor. And form begets function. But it doesn't hurt when they come out looking like a Ferrari!


    Yes, we do accept monthly payments. We also take Visa and Master card to help with transactions.
    You may need to carry insurance depending on the arrangement.
    You will be responsible for all care if the mare is taken off site.
    If the mare is left on the Callegari property a flat fee will be charged. It will include Board, care, and any medical
    procedures, toward the insemination and birth of the foal. It can be paid in monthly payments.
The lease a Mare Program - how fun !
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