It is very hard to ensure the success of any foal. It helps to be ale to use parents with a
    proven disposition and athletic ability. However, it is also very timely and costly.

    In order for Callegari to ensure the success of our foals we have spent
    numerous hours researching phenotypes and genotypes that produce
    typey, but yet, tractable babies. We want to be able to Show on the Class A
    circuit as well as at the Egyptian Event.

    So learn from experience - let us guide you down the right path. We have mares out
    of the most Champion producing bloodlines. Many of these bloodlines no longer have
    representation, or have very few representatives, here in the United States. So they
    are special indeed. Further, since we are riders, a good body and legs are a must for
    us. Yes we love the extreme faces but a car is nothing without a good motor. And form
    begets function. But it doesn't hurt when they come out looking like a Ferrari!

    Indeed we love the exotic look but we have too many eyes on us for us to choose anything less than the
    best. Most breeders do not have this MAJOR REQUIREMENT to deal with. But we live with it daily. As such,
    we keep our quality high and our numbers low.

    Any of our mares can be used in the Create a Foal program with any of our stallions or stud fees that we have. So if
    your standards are as high as ours, call us, and let us help design your next winner!


Consistent proven results. We bred Vita Bella with Xtreme and each time we get an absolutely gorgeous cross!
You can create your own Xquiste or Misteex. You can keep your foal or sell it. But this takes the guessing, and
large expense, out of what you will produce, because it is a proven cross.    Take the guessing out of the
Create a Foal Program - how fun !
Let us help you:
Design a FUTURE Star!
a Future xtreme Star
Create an xtreme baby
xtremely perfect bodies

Are your mares
not capable of
producing what
you want?
Calé Noor Al Amar