The Right Stuff
Coaches are fun!


Callegari has many different trainers that provide services at the Club that teach on various different days. Occasionally
there may be some issue that prevents them from making their lesson. Also please don't forget that many of the Trainers are
busy with their own Events, such as Horse Shows. As they further their own careers or accomplishments, there may be times
when they have to miss their lessons.

As a result, there are different Coaches that can substitute, in order to make sure a scheduled lesson occurs on time.
Coaches sure are fun! Take it from experience, sometimes people do better with Coaches. Why? Because a stressful
strenuous trainer can sometimes take the fun out of things! Some students have asked to continue with their Coach because
they enjoyed them so much!!


A Coach is someone who has some great credentials but prefers not to teach as a professional. There are many reasons for
this: Some do not want to teach on a regular or a full time basis. Sometimes they prefer not to teach because they are riding
under an Amateur status. If they hold an Amateur card this means that they cannot turn professional and still ride in Amateur
classes at big Shows. Some might feel that they do not ride enough to turn Pro. Still others feel that they may not know
enough. But take it from us, some Coaches have excellent talents and are great with kids and horses.

Some Coaches may be Junior Show Pros and so they cannot turn professional and still
teach as a Junior.

We love Coaches and we bet that you will too.

Alexandria Kirkland

Alexandria has been coaching at Callegari for close to two years. She loves to ride in Endurance Races and is extremely
successful at this! She was the first American invited to ride at the JR European Endurance Championships, in Nuremberg
Germany. Unfortunately, Alexandria was pulled with just ten miles to go but she was proud to represent the United States for
the second time. Alexandria is quite a young junior rider! She gets to travel to competitions and do cool things that I have
never heard of Juniors doing!!!

Alexandria is currently off to college but her endurance mare remains boarding at Callegari. We look forward to seeing her on
her breaks and at competitions.

Lauren Armstrong

Lauren schooled for many years under a well known large Hunter/Jumper trainer, and so she
is well acquainted with the Hunter/Jumper World. Even way back then she coached. She also likes
to ride out on the trails and prefers western. We call on her services when someone calls and
they are looking for a trail guide. Lauren never gets lost and knows how to handle horses in trail
situations. Trail riding is vastly different than arena riding. And if a person is not experienced
with trail even some of the best Professional Trainers can be easily unseated in this environment.

Lauren is very sporadic as far as her availability. If you desire her services you will need to
book ahead of time.

Angela Gumerman

Angela has two munchkins of her own and so she knows what it is to handle horses and
munchkins together! This is very important and some professional trainers do not do
well with youngsters because they can not mix the two successfully. Angela rides western
and trail but also knows about English riding. She does all sorts of things with her Quarter
horse and Arabian. She also is a great horse show Mom! Concerned to the max about
will love that.

Angela had not coached at Callegari for quite some time but recently expressed an interest
to do so again. So we will leave her information here for the time being.

This is not even her own son! And anyone with boys knows that they
do not just go around hugging strangers. Kids really love Angela. And
Angela only helps children.

more to come....

1. Heeled boots
2. Comfortable pants
3. Helmet not
necessary as  we
have them  or you can
bring one
4. Signed release of
You want your child to be a confident rider