Callegaris' exotic Stallions
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Calé Thee Xtreme (Thee Desperado x Tammette)
Calé Aten (Ali Zaar x Jerdon Saabella)  

Callegari's Senior stallion is the exotic Cale Thee Xtreme. He was bred by
Callegari and enjoys the position as their Senior stallion. Please go to
Xtreme's page for detailed information and photos.  

Xtreme has gorgeous babies for sale. Please inquire or see the Horses For
Sale pages for various current progeny or those that have sold.
Callegari’s Junior stallion is the porcelain white, gorgeous, Calé Aten.
Another beautiful face, this youngster was sired by the porcelain white
stallion, Ali Zaar. Ali Zaar was exported to Germany where he died an untimely
death after just a very short time of being over seas. Ali Zaar was never
defeated in Most Classic. And he showed Most Classic on the Class A circuit
as well as many times at the Egyptian Event.

Aten also has some beautiful babies for sale! Please go to the Horses For
Sale page to see the beauties.

Callegari is proud to stand 2 wonderful stallions for your breeding considerations. They have great
dispositions and are beautiful representatives of the breed. True form and function. But they need to be
because they have a lot of spectators at the Equestrian Club.

Callegari uses Waller Equine Hospital to collect and ship the stallions. Any handling and shipping fees
will be incurred by the purchaser.   
Shipped cooled semen
Federal express available
Counter to counter service available
Frozen Semen in the US and in Munich
Live Cover in some situations
They are not overused so you get a lot of semen per order
Photo taken June 06
by Don Stine
Photo taken June 09