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Calé Thee Xtreme (Thee Desperado x Tammette)
Calé Aten (Ali Zaar x Jerdon Saabella)  4 yrs old

Callegari's Senior stallion is the exotic Cale Thee Xtreme. A homebred puppy
dog, he is putty in your hands. Plus, he has a face that is one of the most
unique in Arabians today. However, he would not stand at Callegari if he
didn't have a good set of legs on him too! Every true rider that ever sees
Xtreme always wants to ride him. And we should know because there are 2
Olympic level riders who train at our barn and teach 85 boarders, owning all
breeds, how to ride...So you could say he appeals to Riders in addition to
Head Hunters!

Xtreme has gorgeous babies for sale. Please inquire or see the Horses For
Sale pages for various current progeny or those that have sold.
Callegari’s Junior stallion is the porcelain white, gorgeous, Calé Aten.
Another beautiful face, this youngster was sired by the porcelain white
stallion, Ali Zaar. Ali Zaar recently was exported to Germany where he died an
untimely death after just a very short time of being over seas. Ali Zaar was
never defeated in Most Classic. And he showed Most Classic on the Class A
circuit as well as many times at the Egyptian Event.

Aten also has some beautiful babies for sale! Please go to the Horses For
Sale page to see the beauties.
More photos, bloodlines, biography, and babies
We really had no intention of standing stallions at stud. However, if you ask Eduardo he may disagree with that!   Eduardo just loves
stallions! So now we have 2!!  
But then again when you have stallions like our 2 boys who cannot help but love them. They have great
dispositions and are mighty pleasing to the eyes.
Form and function. But they need to be since I handle them regularly and they have a lot of
spectators at the Equestrian Club.

We look forward to Showing the 2 big guys and having fun with them
. Callegari has a
great facility in which to showcase them. We use Waller Equine Hospital to
collect and ship our stallions. We have been quite pleased with their services.
Any handling and shipping fees will be incurred by the purchaser. But Callegari will do
everything in our power to keep your costs low. We have been in your shoes.
Shipped cooled semen
Federal express available
Counter to counter service available
Frozen Semen in the US and in Munich
Live Cover in some situations
They are not overused so you get a lot of semen per order
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More photos, bloodlines, biography, and babies
Photo taken June 06
Photo taken June 09